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Choir and Music

We have an adult choir and all ages, including juniors, are most welcome.  We also have an active ‘Kids Choir’ which meets every Sunday after the Service.

The Kids’ Choir meets weekly for half an hour or so following the Sunday Service while the adults enjoy the usual time of refreshments and fellowship. Please encourage your little ones to join in on the fun.

The music is drawn from the English cathedral tradition and the rehearsals are all in English for those who want to practice their language skills.  Come along and try it – you never know, you might enjoy it!  For more information please contact us here

We enjoy a good standard of music and are not afraid to experiment with more modern styles of hymns and music. Our Carol Service is well attended with a full congregation

For all the latest news of our choir activities, please ‘click’ here

Our Concert at Cathedral St Andre


Jf you would like to join the choir or need more information then please do not hesitate to complete the form below:

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