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Revd Peter and Barbara Jordan – Welcome to Bordeaux!

pete_jordanRev’d Peter and Barbara Jordan have offered to serve in Bordeaux for two months and will arrive on 19th May.

They write, “To introduce ourselves it’s best to say that we are both Merseysiders – Peter being born on the right side of the river which he claims to be the correct side i.e. Liverpool and Barbara on the left side, on the Wirral.

Since beginning our ‘pensionable work for the Lord’ we have come together to Wallasey, on the Wirral where we are now very pleased to have our own little home after many years of living in various vicarages.

Our married life, which began in 1965, when we were very young, has taken us to homes in Jamaica, Ollerton (Notts), Durham, Nottingham, London, Liverpool and Barcelona. During this time we have become Christians (in Ollerton), been called to train for full-time ministry (Durham) and served the Lord in churches in the others.

We have also become parents of five children, two of them by adoption, (all five are married), and now also have seven (almost eight!) grandchildren. Last summer we enjoyed a great celebration with all our family of 50 years of marriage. We also rejoiced in the publication of our life story – ‘Someday I’m gonna write’ – and will bring some copies with us!

To go to Barcelona in 2002 for Peter to be the Chaplain of the English-speaking Anglican church there was a great privilege and joy and we are very happy for our association with ICS and the Diocese in Europe to continue in our ‘retirement’ and look forward to coming to Bordeaux in May.”

Welcome to Bordeaux – soyez les bienvenus !